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Satellite sessions are held during the conference as a set of highly specialized talks on specific themes. The idea is to gather contributions from leading experts in clearly defined or emerging fields and provide a forum for focused discussions on new topics and innovative applications. The organizer of the session and speakers work together to craft the session which will be of great interest and benefit to the attendees of the conference.

Submission Guideline

Satellite session proposals include the title of the session, organizer name, affiliation, outline of the session, and list of proposed contributions. The session proposal should be submitted to no later than Mar. 3, 2023.
Each session is 90 minutes long and requires a minimum of 3 papers. The session organizer may request more than two session slots if needed. The session organizer should make a program and run it in close collaboration with CSW 2023 program committee.
There is no financial support provided for session organizers, session chairs, and invitees. All CSW 2023 participants, including session organizers, chairs, invitees, and attendants, must register and pay the registration fee.
Accepted satellite session will have their tracks on the online submission system. (Organizers are required to remind speakers to submit their abstracts directly to the corresponding session using the online submission process.)
In principle, all satellite sessions are open to all CSW 2023 registered participants. However, if the session organizer requests a closed session to CSW 2023 program committee, the request can be reviewed and decided by the program committee.

Satellite Session Fee

The fee charged to organizers of satellite sessions depends on the duration of the session, please contact the committee member for further information. (Prof. Sang-Wan Ryu at